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Alan is a results driven executive,
with a passion for growing capable, confident, collaborative teams,
which can leverage innovative solutions to achieve success in revenue, profitability, and engagement

An enabler, future focused, who enjoys complex problem solving, coaching and leading growth and transformation, incorporating design thinking, agile innovation cycles and rapid iteration learning 

He is very proud that Innoventive is one of only four approved delivery partners of the (MBIE) Callaghan Driving Innovation programme 

Previous projects team members comment positively on the great balance of stimulus, flexibility, challenge, satisfaction and reward

Two of these ventures achieved sales revenue of over 30 million dollars each, within 5 year timeframes 

His peers have said
he excels at "Associated Thinking": The ability to connect seemingly unrelated information or ideas and put them together in new ways, both at the big picture and the deep detail levels 

One of his specialist areas is in bringing disciplined, yet simple and effective methodologies into complex projects, with the ability to maintain a key focus on strategic value proposition development for commercial outcomes 

He enjoys sharing key insights synthesised from years of study of global innovation leaders. In 2016, he earned a Master’s degree (with Distinction) in developing innovation for international markets, and a Harvard Business School Certificate in Disruptive Innovation Strategies (under Professor Clayton Christensen) 

He grasps complex scientific and technical concepts quickly. He is also an inventor, with two international patents in the medical steam sterilisation sector, and was the recipient of a dairy company innovation award 

Organisations benefit from his global experience and networks across a broad range of sectors, including: food, nutraceutical, medical, robotics, digital, AI, IP, automotive and industrial market sectors. 

He has special interest in sustainability, eco-systems and true integrated value.


A culture Alan consistently implements into companies is:

“Future thinking, fast paced innovators, operating in a precise manner” ©


Alan is a guest speaker and active participant in many innovation events, including the informal innovation networking events co-sponsored by Callaghan Innovation and various Regional Development Agencies.

Alan is founder and CEO of Innoventive (2002) and in 2016, studied Disruptive Innovation Strategies, under Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School HBX. Alan also achieved Distinction in his Masters of Professional Practice (Otago Capable NZ) in Innovation for International Business. 


He looks forward to sharing the key learnings from Harvard Business School and his Masters Insights with NZ companies creating, developing and commercialising innovation.

M: +64 21 307 307       T: 0800 677 444       E:

Future Thinking, Fast Paced Ideation, Innovation and Invention


Research    Idea Assessment   Design & Development  Commercialisation


Skiing: One of his favourite things to do in the world


   Alan Dowman MPP

   Founder and CEO

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