Operational excellence generates your profits today... ​

Innovation excellence will generate your profits tomorrow


We are a specialised innovation agency focused on building skills and capabilities in our clients' organisations to create innovations which are useful, fit for purpose and that the target customer or end user will pay for.

Innoventive is an authorised delivery partner of the MBIE / Callaghan Driving Innovation programme. 

We assist to build an inspiring culture within our customers' teams to allow them to transform, grow and evolve in their current and future markets, building value in both tangible and intangible assets. 


We were first incorporated in 2002, and evolved to the Innoventive brand in 2016.

Services include: Future Thinking, Fast Paced, Innovation Assessment, Ideation, Strategy, Research, Intellectual Property, Design & Development, Compliance, and Commercialisation. 

VUCA is: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity 


The VUCA landscape is effectively what a new innovation will be launched into.


We guide businesses and personnel through the process of multiple strategies 

which need to occur concurrently to achieve success in a VUCA market environment.

The Three Myths of Innovation that we actively seek to dispel 

  1. Innovation stems from ideas nobody has had before

  2. Big success requires big resources

  3. Innovation breakthroughs are always based on ground breaking technologies. 

Innovate = Verb      Stop Talking ... Start Doing


   Alan Dowman

   Founder and CEO

Alan is a complex problem solver, an effective enabler, business team builder and experienced innovation leader, with over 20 year’s practical experience in the creation, development and commercialisation of a range of sustaining and disruptive technology based innovations.

Alan excels at 'Associated Thinking': The ability to connect seemingly unrelated information or ideas and put them together in new ways to create new value for companies.   More about Alan

Innovation requires management of diversity and conflict 

Words may inspire but only action creates change


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Over 20 years experience

Organisations benefit from our global experience and networks across a broad range of sectors 

We identify what innovation types you currently have, and what you should be looking at. Then guide you how to do it. 

Our Services

- Diagnostics and Assessment

- Design and Development

- Future Thinking 

- Sustainability Checks

- Innovation Process Reviews

- Research

- Project Process

- Commercialisation 

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